Another Beginning

After alarm snooze for the nth time and three text messages (‘see you, where you, will wait’), I finally had the will to get up, shower and lace up….off to Ultra

And finally, got to taste the 400 meter workout.  I only did 4 reps finishing at 1:43, 1:43,1:50 and 1:39.  Amazing though that I didn’t have to exert as much effort to finish (defined as I can fix my hair while running).  Probably, the strength training at Crossfit and long rest period has helped.

It’s a bit slow as I am used to doing an average of 1:37 for ten reps.  I can feel my legs tighten a bit as I go towards the last bend of the oval 200-300 meters and recover again as I finish for the last push.  I guess it’s all the fast twitch muscles at work.  Read: I shouldn’t miss out from today.  My slow twitch muscles could have forgotten they have a job to do.  Or I’m just trying to have a technical definition for my laziness.

i need my milo new recovery drink

Vitamin C Load from Santol - a gift from the CoachS for finally coming today. CoachS said I'm just fine cause he knows it wasn't an all-out effort pa for me. I said, yeah, but I still feel slow and know I can go fast. Coach S- Yan, Ganyan dapat saka hindi yun laging nawawala....

I hope this is really another beginning….

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