Under Maintenance

Dear Readers,

Yes, all six of you, my 2 sisters, 2 bestees-Anne and Ya, cousin Michael and my Mother. This site is under maintenance and so am I.

It’s been so long since I last shared something. It doesn’t mean though that I have actually retired from running. I guess it is something I will never really get tired doing…For the last months:¬† I have finished two marathons (one of them to set my personal record of 4:02 and the other one ticked my ‘run a marathon abroad’ goal); Igot addicted to crossfit and is now lifting 165 lbs (hmmm i’m lifting my own chair na); I followed a totally different training program and healthier diet; and lastly had the longest hiatus from training and running as 2011 ends.

So, before we get 2012 rolling…I will try to share what happened the time I haven’t been posting. (let me consolidate my 140 character tweets through these months. yay!) Come back and visit soon.

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