‘why’ matters more

I’ve been reading through the accounts of the warriors of Bataan Death March 160k Ultramarathon posted on Facebook. It baffles me HOW one could endure such battle for 30hours, with some even running beyond the cut-off, for the silver buckle…Yes, I’ve done a 102kilometer last year but 58kilometers more?!?


The more appropriate question probably is WHY. I’m sure more than getting that silver buckle, everyone who toe the starting line last Saturday was holding on to their own answer to ‘why’. This answer brought them to the finish line, holding on and putting one foot in front of another.

One day, I’ll find my own answer and travel the same path, ‘on foot’.

I guess I have to apply my own ‘why’ this Sunday at the Condura Marathon. I have been dilly dallying registering for the race due to personal reasons. I feel I am not prepared, too. (My weekly mileage is down to – 5 k – yes! Or 6k?)

Since I’m late in registration, I have to settle for a 16k bib. Perfect! it’s like ten times less than what my PAU friends ran this weekend. lol!

I don’t know how I’ll do it but I know why I’m doing it — I wouldn’t want to miss a Condura Run (this was my first marathon in 2010)….plus a lot more reasons


See you there!

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