Weekend Well Spent

They say weekends are best spent doing nothing…I’d say otherwise.

It was well-spent bringing my K-Swiss blade light for a trip to Crossfit.


Saturday’s would always have run intervals in the WOD so I look forward to it.

I always look at the board and say, okay this is a little easier than all the Wod’s of the previous days — only to be humbled.

So, this is what happened…


I thought ring dip was easy, only to be told to scale down and use the box as I’m not getting the form right…then scAle down further as my dip doesn’t have strength anymore.

Since it was only 12 pull ups per round, I used the purple band. I’m a bit happy as I can feel I’ve progressed on this one.

Then, 24 air squats! Easy, Not! Miggy was so strict, you have to do extras when you’re caught not going low.

And my fave part, the run. I love 200s. My best time would normally be under 40s and would average around 43seconds when doing reps in the 20s.

But then, doing it, after the 3 exercises, the run part feels like you’re sprinting at the last 200meters of a full marathon.

I ended up doing six rounds.

And just to kick off my plan to religiously start running again, I did a long run errr my longest run for weeks of about 8k on Sunday morning.

And capped the weekend with a marathon viewing of the 5:53 Australian open. The match didn’t disappoint, indeed the battle of the best: Nole, the #1 and Rafa, my only one.


How did you spend your weekend? Spend it well 🙂

“crossfit has trial classes on weekends”

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