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I’ve been seeing lots of my friends posting links of what they’ve pinned at pinterest. When i finally got an invite, I’ve been addicted browsing through it; especially the category for fitness and sports.

I’m not going to share about those fitness stuff I’ve pinned. Let me share instead the other stuff that ‘pinterest’ me this week.



I like this dress. The color and cut is perfect. I think I’ve lightened up a bit so I won’t look too dark in it. As to the cut, I’ve been getting complements on my toned arms and shoulders – so why not? I hope my sis Mimi designs something similar for me soon.



I think I need a new hairstyle. I haven’t experimented on it for 5 years or more. I’ve sported a cut like this years ago. Well, let’s see. Oh, a definite no on the hair color! I love the sunnies, too.



Hopefully(soon), the bathroom sink can be like this. It’s still untouched from the developer’s basic structure that was turned over – and it’s pangit!


Pinned but I can’t find the source

The tiny living room needs redressing as well. I like this one! Actually, I’m inspired how my friend designed (on his own) their house. I wanna post that sana but I think it’s worthy to land a known design page site. Hay, i need to buy lottery tickets.



The vintage look of the curtain looks nice, as well as the view outside. Curtain is doable. View is impossible. Unless I collapse the whole neighborhood of Mariposa. I really need to win the P264m lotto this week.



This is actually a wedding prep shot. No, I’m not going to blah about weddings. Isn’t it nice how the photographer captured the getting ready moment? And look at that toned body! Actually, it looks like a strong body, not toned. I wonder if she crossfits? I wanna look like that! For this one, no need for lotto tickets. Don’t you think so?

You can follow me on pinterest or pin anything from this site (same rule: refer the source pls). I cann’t figure up how to add the pin me button in WordPress. Anyone knows?

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