What’s for Lunch? Run, Swim, Bike, Crossfit, Yoga….

“1 out of 13 workers in England are out running on their lunch break”

That’s almost 10% of the populace! You can read more here

The Rise Of The Run-ch Break

I have seen several runners on the road at noontime here in Manila. Probably, it’s their heat training for BDM 102 this March 🙂

With the climate here in the Philippines, I don’t think we’d reach that number of people running outside at lunchtime like England. It will be extremely HOT and it might be unhealthy for the skin.

Noon is a good time to squeeze in a short workout though. You can schedule your own cross training, a treadmill run, spinning or indoor swim.

I’ve been doing noontime workouts at Crossfit recently and it’s been working well for me. The break is just enough for a 15-30 minute WOD (that feels like 2-hours).

You just need to pack your apparels before leaving the house.  If you need running apparels, you can check this site.


You’re not too tired, nor sleepy.

You have a complete 8 hours of sleep.

You can still squeeze the run workout in the afternoon after work (if you have a training program specific for running like me).

You feel re-energize again to face work in the afternoon-saves you a penny from your usual Starbucks fix.

When something comes up at work in the afternoon, there’s no workout to miss.

You got to pack so many clothes.

You will miss on the usual office chats over lunch.

You have to eat lunch quickly/better pack your lunch.

Check out the nearby workout options for you from work.

There’s really no excuse not to give your body the workout it deserves.

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