Week 1: Train insane or remain the same (I chose to be insane!)

The week has been quite busy with work, running from one meeting to another, setting up for a new venture, and the tax season looms.

It’s very untimely that I decided to start with a regular training calendar on the same season.

So, instead of procrastinating, I applied the art of juggling

From mommyheadadventures.com

Here’s my menu for the week:
Monday – Crossfit
Tuesday – Crossfit plus short Speed intervals (5k total)
Wednesday – rest day
Thursday – Strength Training plus 6minutes Crossfit Wod and Hill reps (400m)
Friday – 12.3 Crossfit Open Wod
Saturday – 10mi Run (Sierra madre) and Crossfit Helen BM Wod
Sunday – Fartlek (total 8k)

So far, I’m happy with my results.

I still suck at cleans and hmmm jump rope is still a booo but doing extra work and having supportive fellow crossfitters and coaches have been helpful.

Milestone this week: I PR’d my back squats at 135 lbs this week and improved at Helen at 10:48 min.

Intervals and Run
Sans the hiatus from running training, I was able to hit my goals on the intervals.

Conquering Sierra Madre is another story. I tagged along the run of coach Titus and his entourage of an elite runner and a nat’l team coach. (Coach titus was the one who trained me for my first marathon in 2010 and for BDM in 2011).

The first 2k was a struggle. Next 2k was easy. But when Coach said after 4k that we’ll start running our pace, I knew I had to keep up. I got my rhythm and conquered the rolling hills hitting average of 4:30 downhill and 5:30 uphills. I also learned the art of power walk which helped on inclines where even cars had to crawl and when my legs tightens.

Coach said that I have very strong knees and my hips movement improved a lot. No, he’s not checking me out. It’s just that he has seen me since my noob days. When I told him, I haven’t been running though – He said “eh kasi nag-crossfit Ka. Okay yung strength mo kaya Ka malakas pero tumakbo ka na ulit. Kasi may speed endurance dapat” And that is my word for the week. He’s right!

The week ended with rest and recovery at home in Baras and the baptism of a friend’s son.

(which calls for merging fashion and recovery: a long maxi dress and compression calf sleeves inside with suede flats)

As i was sharing my weekend schedule, my friend asked me “are you killing yourself?”

No! Not at all…..


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