Running in the Morning

From December 2010 to around July 2011, I would usually spend two mornings in a week on the track for run intervals training.

I always lack sleep then as I have to be up by 4:30 am, regardless of the time I got to bed. I felt it’s taking a toll on my health so I changed my sched and started squeezing the training late in the afternoon.

This month, I’ve been trying to wake up early to run. So far, I have scored 2 against 5 😦

They say, the hardest step for a runner is the one going out of the door. True! For me, it starts with getting out of the bed 🙂


I am quite comfortable running in the afternoon but given the advantages of running in the morning, I wanna give it a try.

Some of the pros are:

1. You witness the sunrise as you go out, not the smoggy sky. And there’s less traffic if you have to drive to the track from your house like me. The air is less polluted too.


2. You would feel energized and tend to think clearly throughout the day.
You’ll pass the marshmallow test I bet.


3. You don’t need to take extra shower mid-day. And you save on your laundry!


4. You won’t miss a scheduled workout. The demands of our daily activities might get unpredictable at times, before we know it the day has ended and we haven’t ran.


I want to try getting the habit of running in the morning again. But first, I have to start getting myself in bed early.

Sleep is very important and if you’ll end up lacking sleep to be able to workout, it may not be good in the long-term. I guess this is the only disadvantage.

Look at what happened in one of my early morning runs.


So, here are some of my resolutions for the month;

I should limit my drawsomething time….


And stop playing golf…err sling golf


And not tire myself with tempo runs err temple run at night


….then I can run early morning! 🙂

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