Rogin-e Last Man Running

One of those mornings when you lace up, drag yourself to the starting line, take it easy then find out you can get to the top three midway…end up 5th female and with the fastest sub5mpk splits at the last two kilometers with gas tank still full….

That was quite a longggg sentence but that actually sums up my race last March 24 at the Rogin-e Last Man Running.

….where I got a nice photo from Pinoy Fitness team (showing my cuts, Thanks Crossfit!)


….can still smile for the camera


….and a photo on stage with Bayer executives for my podium finish (looks like an international award eh)


Thanks to Rogin-e for a great race! Everything was well-organized.

Thanks for allowing us to go further after 10k….hmmm but I was still so high after 14k, guess the long distance races are calling me back!

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