Beauty is Skin Deep, Fit is to the Bone

It’s summer time once again. At a 36 degree temp, a public beach holiday should be declared. Okay, this is a nonsense post from a bitter person spending the weekend driving around the Metro in this heat….

When I should have been here….


Or I should have been at the Beach WOD of Crossfit Manila in Punta Fuego 😦

So, I just browsed thru Crossfit Games Regionals site and found this:


She finished event number 2 which consists of 2k-row,50 pistols and 30 hang cleans at 135lbs in 12 minutes. Amazing! And amazing that she looks pretty normal with enough cuts at the right place and 6-pack abs.

Now, I wonder if I get those abs and a little of that bulk, can I clean at 135 lbs?

Hopefully soon….hey, don’t look at my skinny pic above and tell me it’s not possible!  That beach pic was years ago (As I said, I am getting my tan along the roads of Edsa and C5).

Look here, I’ve got a little of those muscles after a year of Crossfit-ing and 4 out of the 6 pack abs.  Two more pandesals to eat and I have six! :p


Don’t get me wrong though. I am not all that ‘gaga’ about getting those curvy and sexy muscles….

For a year now, I am focused on getting stronger through Crossfit. I can personally feel that I am getting real results.  Results not only from improvements in my WODs, strength training and runs but also with how I strong I feel as I go through my hectic activities outside the Box. In the process, my strong self has kicked out my skinny self….

It might be hard to explain, one has to try out Crossfit and slowly embrace it.

This probably sums up all I’d like to say:


Now,  my non-skinny self wants to wear this Arena Swimwear! Where to????


I did warn this is nonsense, right?

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