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Running 800 meters in a workout is one of my least favorite speed workouts.  It requires a combination of speed (like the 200-400m repetitions) and endurance (like 1K and 1mile repetitions). It takes mental will-power to hit your time consistently during each repetition.

During training base-build up stage (5 reps to 10 reps), I would normally hit 3 minutes and 35 seconds fastest. 3:40 average. At peak training season when repetitions would go up to 10 to TWENTY reps, I target an even slower pace.

Yesterday was different.  I went into Crossfit for an afternoon workout to get my fix.  The workout is called, Running Grace.

WOD 5.12.12

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Run 800

30 Clean and Jerks 135/95

Run 800

I saw in this posted in the website and decided to go for two things:

  • I hate and clean and jerks and the only way to be at peace with it to spend more time doing it.  Timed 30 repetitions would be a perfect time to practice while there’s a Coach watching my form.
  • The workout uses the leg muscles.  It would be good to work it out on Saturday before my planned tempo run on Sunday.

My plan was to reserve some steam for the clean and jerks as we take off.  I ran the 800 meter with a little push but not all out yet.  I was expecting to see my time to be nearing four minutes as I was running it more relaxed than when I would usually do my intervals where I hit 3:40ish.  But the clock surprised me, 3:33!

STOKED! I wanted to tweet it (twitter addict!) but I still have 30 clean and jerks and an 800 meter run to do 🙂

I did my clean and jerks (still have form tweaking to do!) then went off to run again.

The second run was different.  Compared to the first round, I was doing it with Raff and Gils; there was an extra push.  Since I went light on C&J at 55 lbs, I was the first one out on the run.  Aside from the lack of pace-mates on the run, legs were tired.  This is when super-mental power is called for.  I focused on swinging my arms faster to make my legs follow.  It worked a bit but of course, a bit slower than the first.  I didn’t get to time the second round but I finished the workout in 13 minutes and 53 seconds.

Very simple WOD but the mental torture feels like a marathon.  My WOD’s have been feeling like that lately, following the Crossfit Endurance principle….short but sweet (or rather painful….)

Last Saturday was a testament that I have become stronger. But that’s only a teaser of what to look forward to.  If things work well, if I pace my training well, if I become more consistent and don’t stop —- I’ll see you someday, S4!

I look forward for greater things to happen.

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