Competitive Self: 1st Place at Cortal SQR Run

Great things happen when you least expect it….

I was scheduled for a two-hour run at Forbes-dasma that morning. But the day before, my friend texted me she might get me a 21k bib for the C5 Marathon. It would be perfect for a time trial. Around 7 though, Coach S. told me to join Cortal SqR Run 15k category. He has free bib also. He also said, RACE it!

I think I was born competitive. I thought I needed that kind of push so as I’ll stick to the plan of having a good time trial run, just maintaining a 5:40mpk. I went to Luneta for Cortal SqR Run.

As we reached 5th kilometer, I was running side by side with Olivia (one of the usual fast girls who kicks ass in races). It was a climb to the flyover. All I thought was, I can do it and do it fast. I need an edge.

From that point, I did and never gave up. Thanks to the Manong who keeps pushing me telling me the competition is so near.

Conquered my time trial that morning 20 seconds faster per kilometer!

And, I brought home some goody loots and gc’s and a champion medal…


I’m happy with the results I’m seeing from my training so far. Coming from a heavy training week, I was still able to push it. But then, it’s probably my competitive self. Note to self: I have to bring the competitive attitude even in training, outside the race scene.

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