CrossfitMNL Throwdown:Stoked and Scared

I haven’t posted for a while. Everything is on the draft folder. Lots of things going on with my new crossfit/running training program and new work ventures and projects.

But this one can’t wait.

Months ago, CrossfitMnl opened the sign up for the throwdown WOD for its members. As much as I’d want to be part of it, as almost everyone from the oldest to newest members are signing up, I thought it is bad timing as I’ll be on peak of training in June. I tried not to look at the sign-up board so as not to feel bad.

On the day when team line-up was to be released, I texted Coach Matt to waitlist me. Then my friend, Jan gave up his slot as he has an Ultramarathon the day after the final throwdown. I’m in!

I have no idea what I’m getting myself into. All I know is that I need to WOD once a week as per my Coach’ assignment and FIGHT!

My workout is today, Saturday. I need to run 400 meters then deadlift at 75lbs 21 reps for 5 rounds. Sounds easy? I love both exercise. But why am I jittery? Seriously, the last time I get this kind of jitters was when I ran Bataan Death March 102 k last March 2011.

Probably because the event itself is entitled: Throwdown!

1. There is no room to throw in the towel, even for a second

I have witnessed most of the teams doing day 2 WOD in Libis. I’ve never seen people push as hard in doing as many push ups, pull ups, sit ups and squats as they can until they complete 400 reps. My two teammates conquered 3 no band pull ups and 3 blue band pull ups, respectively, for the first time during competition. I heard the same thing happening at the Fort box.

2. Cheers are thrown your way

If you’ve watched a UAAP Championship game, it kinda feel like that. Every second feels like the last two minutes of a close fight. The shouting doesn’t stop. The breathing is on hold until the last rep is done…then we celebrate and do the ‘Call me maybe’ dance moves that will put Anne Curtis and Co’s version to shame. We’ve got nice legs, too…and definitely can squat lowerrr ;p

The competition is on its 6th day and I’ve never seen anything as fun and competitive as this.

Athlete winning against their own fears.

“on his first pull-ups with no bands”

Supporters and cheerers moving their sched around to witness their box athletes perform.

“noontime wod support crew”

Friendship and bond between teammates (and okay, also with the other box in Fort) formed online and at the box through all those trash talking, words of encouragement, skills training and on the competition itself.

“new found friends”

I am stoked on what the next 24 days of the Crossfitmnl throwdown will bring.

And I am scared of my WOD later at 4pm.

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