May I always remember to look at the mountaintop everyday amidst the fun and challenges of trekking the trails of life.

Atty./Bro. Bobby Quitain

In order to be able to persevere when climbing a mountain, one must focus on the trail but must never forget to glance, once in a while, at the mountaintop. The mountaintop is your destination, your goal, your objective. It is what you signed up for — why you are climbing in the first place. Without the mountaintop, the trail will not be necessary. Without the mountaintop, the struggle will  not be worth it.

In life, our mountaintop is heaven — the deepest longing of our hearts. Sure, we have our lifetime goals to work for. We work hard for that promotion, or that quota, or that profit. We aim to be faithful spouses and struggle to be good parents. We burn our lamps to make ends meet or pass that board exam. But all these pertain to the “trail”, not the “mountaintop”. Once in a while, we must force…

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