2.3 WOD CFMnl Throwdown

I competed in 2.3 as an individual competitor. It is basically a death on the minute of two exercises.  We have to complete on the minute a combination of either toes to bar, chest to bar pull-ups, box jumps and burpees from 1 reps to death every minute.  It took several technique practice and rain-check on my max for each exercise to find the best combination.  I was up against a male competitor from the Fort box.  I came to the box thinking that I am not going to win, anyway…so, a conservative death at the 10th minute.

Coach Matt was to count for me. He helped me with my game plan.  I told him that I can max out toes to bar even on the 10th.  He said otherwise and told me if to change plans if my toes to bar at the 9th is already bad.  He was right!

I did a combination of chest to bar and box jumps and toes to bar and box jumps on the 1st to 5th minute.  Burpees and box jumps for 6 reps each on the 6th minute then went back to chest to bar.  My chest to bar was no-repping already so I did burpees again on the 7th and 8th.  Then toes to bar on the 9th with no more seconds left to spare, I started the 10th minute.  I knew I just had to finish it and I have met my goal.  I finished on the dot and paused when I heard Ken telling me to still push.  I did burpees to death….

I have won the competition I know! Aside from doing toes to bar for the first time in WODs, I surpassed my goal.

It was a bonus when I learned later on that I earned a point for our team, a point for Libis by winning against my competition from Fort. Woooh!!!


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