Getting Better from my Old Skinny Bitch Self

Pardon the word “Bitch”. But that’s how my friends used to call me. They hate and love me for being able to eat three cups of rice without getting fat.  I love how skinny I am then and that I can still finish my races with a decent time.

Not until I got into Crossfit….and I didn’t realize how big of a change it was until I saw this picture sent to me by my friend a few days ago.

2010 Camsur Marathon:


It is almost two years since I met Crossfit in November of 2010 during their free intro WODs at Ultra thru my friend.

Other than my now obvious muscles, I can surely function better than when I first started.   can’t barely push press 25lbs and have to settle to using 15 lb-bar when I WOD for more than 5-reps.


I can now back-squats at 160# (This is a strength training WOD at 125lb box squat for dynamic effort of 2x every minute for 10 minutes). The pizza was the treat for finishing it!


One of the Met-cons we do.
Handstand pushups, Burpee Box jumps, KB swings and Med Ball Situps. I can handstands now!


Sometimes I hate the triceps but my old skinny arms can’t do those jumping muscle ups. Sooooon, in the near future, hopefully I can do real muscle ups.


Pistols Squats as Running Cross Training

I do hope I would continuously be a BETTER version of my yesterday, everyday. Not just in Crossfit but in life, as well. After all, it tops my 2012 bucket list.

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