He Calls Me by My Name…everyday

I woke up today in panic. I’m late for a torture legs massage session with Coach Titus at Ultra. (I always do get one for conditioning before a race)….then, I read his message telling me he has to reschedule. Gee, thanks!

Now, what do I do first? Review VAT returns. Answer emails. Write a PR. Edit the standee graphics. Check the POs. Call this. Follow up on that. Open facebook and thank friends for their support for my run which is SEVEN DAYS from now (Shameless plug: Please share and support if you’re reading this http://2timothy.com/2012/10/23/i-am-running-360-kilometers-donate-p360-and-save-lives/) :p ….Wait, I gotta wear my garmin first so I can monitor my heart rate as I go through this day’s task!

I was too busy trying to get one task done over the others until facebook sent a notification on my friend, Marites’ birthday.

It is October 25!

Flashback to almost a decade ago (or more?), during Marites’ birthday party, I’ve met most of my closest friends from a group called Lingkod. It was the day when God blessed me with great friends to join me in this journey….on the time He called me by my name to follow HIM.

Happy anniversary to my MRU friends!!!

and we were so young…so young..so young then….

Today, He called me by my name AGAIN!

Blessed day everyone!

Lingkod is a Catholic-Charismatic Community I used to be part of. Here’s a video/teaser of a Coffee Table Book, Pilak that we produced before. I think spearheading the production of this book was my last service for Lingkod.

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