Milo Marathon

This post has been in the draft folder since July. 🙂

I came to the Milo Marathon UNPREPARED. I was training for it when I decided to join the Crossfit MNL throwdown at the time I am supposed to peak in training.  It was a bad decision causing me to miss my training runs as I have to focus on my events in the throwdown.   BUT it was also the BEST decision for thousands of reasons; summed with the word COMMUNITY.

I was half-hearted to join.  I did  several cramming workouts in July and nailed good speed interval split times.  After a strong 3 hours run (It was my first for the year to go that long and 4th time to go beyond 16k), I decided to join.  WARNING: Huwag gayahin!

Everything was great that morning except for five trips to the restroom. I took about 3 Imodium tablets.

I went to the starting line, ready for anything.


This tweet of New York Marathon sums up the race for me.

10 kilometer (not even 10 miles) – I am in TROUBLE!

I was chilling and I threw up somewhere along Roxas Boulevard.  I started to feel chills.

I thought it was just bad pacing at the start (but thatt was just at 5:30ish range.)

The ill feeling continued and didn’t leave. Everything was a blur. I practically have to force ingest gels to myself but my body is rejecting everything. I was throwing up each water station (on a cup-don’t worry I threw it away)

20th kilometer (yes, not even 20th mile which is the usual Marathon wall) – I still feel bad!

I wanna throw in the towel at the 20th somewhere in Fort where it’s easier to get a cab and just call the driver who’s in MOA to go home.

But I promised my throwdown teammates, Team Raf, that I’ll finish no matter what happens.

I started to draw strength from within –  not from my training, not from my physical strength…Each step was an offering for God’s glory. I just needed to make it to MOA, be a Milo Marathon finisher and REST.

God blessed us with rain at the 32nd. It was almost 3 and a half hours into the race. I looked at my watch and thought if I’d do a sub 6 pace I might still make it to qualify and I could rest earlier rather than dwelling on my weak state at that time.  Closed my eyes. Shut-off everything. RUN.

It helped that I was trying to avoid a guy in blue who’s been trying to pace and stay an inch near me. Nothing bad about it really but I seriously stink at that time!

42the kilometer (26th mile) – If you don’t feel bad, you’re ABNORMAL.

I am abnormal! I felt better reaching the finish line.  The feat is over. (Not until I started to throw up and spend time in the Medics tent).  It was a first time for me to do a negative split –  Thanks to the rain, the guy in blue, the hard-headed me.  Thanks to the God who never failed me!

I  finished at 4:25+  (far from my best time, not enough to qualify to the finals).

The guy in blue thanked me for setting a pace for him to PR. Thank God, at least pushing myself helped someone. 🙂

Each race is a learning experience. I went back to the drawing board after. Well, after 4 days since I wasn’t able to ingest anything solid until Wednesday.


MILO MARATHON. You have a special charm (or challenge) I’ll get you on the 37th edition. (Photo from the 34th and 36th-Yes, I grew up!)

SOMEDAY, I MIGHT RUN MILO MARATHON (STILL) LIKE MANG FELIX! (Watch this video with a handkerchief.)

Congratulations to the Organizers: Nestle, Coach Rio and team and to everyone who staged this run!  Milo Marathon should be in every runners’ bucket list.  Rare times you get to run with runners, from veterans to newbies.  Be amazed eating the dust of the Lolo’s at Milo.  (There’s a lot of Mang Vic, the legend running sub 4 to 4:30ish marathon time on their 50s).

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