West Coast 200 K. This is it!

“The realization that limitations are imaginary will make you strong and overpowering.” – Stephen Richards”

Running my longest race ever in a few hours…running without limits…in Tagalog, Walang Hanggang Run (quoted from tweet of TJ Isla)

Thanks to everyone who pledged their support for the run. Each step will be offered for the indigents who need blood.

You can still pledge and support the fundraising as I start my first step to 360 k in a few hours. Www.2timothy.com.

Pls pray for us and the other participants.

Another runner, triathlete TJ Isla is also running for a cause,those afflicted with breast cancer. You can check http://www.swimbikerun.ph for more details.

See you in Pangasinan!!!

Categories: Race Reports

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