You’ll be safe here…


I captured this shot amidst one busy afternoon.  Troubleshooting issues at a client’s office while contemplating on how on earth am I going to finish a 200kilometer ultramarathon and other matters (which would take one whole telenovela if I share it here).

I always traverse those intersecting flyovers.  Most of the times, I am one of those cars stuck in traffic, bored and not knowing how much time more before traffic moves.

I went out of the place a couple of minutes after taking that picture and had a good time reflecting on the busy day and the days ahead, with Rivermaya on the playlist.

And as the song says….

Nobody knows
Just why we’re here
Could it be fate
Or random circumstance
At the right place
At the right time
Two roads intertwine

(I know it’s a love song!) But it can’t sound any more romantic than how it does that afternoon.  God, in HIS simple way tells my complicated self that wherever I am, I will be safe….as the song says

Close your eyes
Dry your tears
‘Coz when nothing seems clear
You’ll be safe here

The busy day intertwined with personal concerns and doubts on myself if I can finish the West Coast 200K Ultramarathon was eased….

So, off to Subic, I go.  As He says, I’ll be safe.

(Yes, I finished UNSCATHED – except for six toenails last November 4.  And this is a post published so late 🙂 )

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