Fired Up





We all have been in doldrums in our lives. It may be in different situations; good or bad, too comfortable or too difficult. At some point, we got stuck somewhere.  We do know we want a change perhaps; we just don’t know how.  Or we do think there’s no need for a change, but we probably need one.

I’ve been in one (or several times have been in one) or I may still be in one.

Today, as I pray, I hope that I may find the grace to know if I am.  May I have the courage to keep moving and the humility to keep seeking him.

Even in my chosen sports, I have been in doldrums several times. (Usually post one major race but for me it has been since BDM 2011) It’s been so long since I’ve been really FIRED up about anything. Gone are the days when I’m aiming for a good finish time or hitting a milestone in the sports.

Well, I guess I’m so back with a 200 kilometer run from Subic to Pangasinan as a welcome treat.

But then again, after the race, it was again so easy to have reasons to be out of focus….like, “I need to recover, you know and just eat TimTamsss!”

I am just glad to have friends who constantly remind me not to waste the opportunity to RUN. (Yes, Mr. Pres, that is YOU!)

Twitter has been a big help, too.  Especially when Kuya Kim wakes up and post his status of training each morning,  I always feel like, “Damn, I should be training!  Indeed, he is one good ambassador for the sports and for being conscious of our fitness.

All I need to do is to lace up every morning when I have to!


I’m blessed to have the legs which can take me places…so, off we go to 160 kilometers!  (Ugh, where’s my timtam?)

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