200/360 Conquered: West Coast 200K Ultramarathon

It has been almost a month since I finished the West Coast 200K Ultramarathon Multi-stage run from Subic to Pangasinan. Until now, I still couldn’t fathom how I was able to conquer it. Probably, that’s why I haven’t really written anything about it. (I always do write detailed race experience.)

Let me share the experience thru these pics first..(Photo from Juvy Pagtalunan and Ed Udtohan)

Day 1, 2 and 3 Finish

Some of the scenic views we passed by. The chance to savor God’s creation was a good consolation. I didn’t know Zambales and Pangasinan was that awesome and LONG! (Thanks Juvy for the photo!)

Endless Highways. The Scorching Heat of the Sun. Dust. Dirt. Speedy Vehicles. Chilly and Pitch Dark Road. Dogs Everywhere.

Berocca, SFH Fish Oil & Recovery, Magic Stick & Betadine cure after each day.
Any other resort to reset the body I would probably ingest 🙂 You wake up each day psyching yourself that you’re ready a hundred percent for the next battle.

The Sun literally shines on us as His Grace pours upon us; enough to bring us closer to the finish. After 30+ hours, the FEAT is over.

30+hours, 14th to reach the finish line, 2nd place female

Thanks to everyone who sent their well-wishes and prayed for our safety! Special mention to my supportive CrossfitMnl friends (morning, noon and evening crew). To my coaches, esp Matt, Pau & Jords – Thanks for the strength conditioning workouts that killed me, I didn’t die sans my lack of running mileage for this race.

An honor to have shared the road with the 33 warriors who toed the starting line.

Thanks to all the support crew especially to our own, Edward, Kuya Tony and Christian – our heroes!

To my pace/race partner & my bestest (insta)friend that weekend, TJ Isla, it was great running with you.
TJ is also running for a cause. Check details at https://www.facebook.com/IRunTriForBreastCancer. He is doing the last leg on December 1 at Timex 226 in Bohol.

To Madamme Rowena and Sir Jovie, it was indeed not a coincidence to see you at ARC on the last weekend of September. Thank you for organizing this race and allowing us to see how far we can go beyond our limits.

Donate Online http://www.localroam.ph/redcrossblood
Drop-off your donation at http://www.crossfitmnl.com
Deposit thru Philippine Red Cross Account

Thank you to everyone who pledged/donated to the Red Cross Blood Samaritan Program of Makati Branch! Each step was for the indigents and for you who have pledged support for this cause. You can still donate as I complete the road to 360. (160kilometers more to go!)

West Coast 200 kilometers happened! I couldn’t be any happier to have conquered it. Sans an ugly and still swollen toenail, it is one of the best running experience. Perfect I’d say except that I can’t figure out who’s the guy in the middle so I can make this my profile pic.

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