It Will Take Everything You’ve Got

This is so true


I am trying to plot my December and January calendar. it looks like I would have to give up on some holiday related activities for scheduled long runs as I train for BDM 160. (Exactly the same reason I bailed in the 2012 edition). Priorities are totally different this year though, finishing the BDM 160 tops the list.

So, I’m now giving my apologies ahead to my friends for any gathering I might miss…


I am actually excited to train. I await the next day I should run or crossfit. I guess that’s how it should be, ideally. That’s the right passion I should have to conquer 160k.

I hope though that amidst all these, my passion to worship the Lord through everything I do remains. May it be my desire to give Him glory through each step I’d take. It’s going to be hours of long run the next two months,hours to talk with Him. I can’t wait!

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