Helen WOD today at Crossfit. First attempt in 2011 was sub 12. Second attempt early this year was about 10.

Should I do it today, a day after a 50k T2N Ultramarathon? Body says, I’m fine. My smart self says NO! My real self says GO!

"Running the Good Race" Stories


That doesn’t sound right, I know.

Helen is one of the benchmark Workout for the Day (wod) at Crossfit. Benchmark Wod have set standards worldwide on the movements and prescribed weights.

I am amazed that if you google the best times for this Wod, elite crossfitters can finish it in 6 minutes. I wonder what their splits are per exercise. I’m assuming they run the 400 meters in a minute or so, leaving 3minutes or less for the 3 rounds of pull ups and kettlebell swings. Insane!

The last time I did Helen was in July of 2011. I can’t remember exactly but I think I finished between 11 to 12 minutes.

Being a runner, I nailed the run at around 1:40 to near 2min each round. There was too much pressure to do it fast. Everyone was cheering on us and there’s a higher expectation on me, being the…

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