Race that-(1) I’ll Never (2) I’ll think of (3) I might (4) I definitely-WILL DO AGAIN: RIP THE ROAD 5 TIMES!

This is as of 11:25 am of February 5, 2013. Things might change in the course of this lifetime.

I just finished the Bataan Death March 160K 9 days ago. And as of now, I could not understand why the likes of Pastor Ferdie Cabiling, Alfred delos Reyes, Graciano Santos, etc have done in twice or even thrice. As of today, NEVER AGAIN.

Bataan Death March 102 K scared the hell out of me when I did it in March 2011. It wasn’t easy but I honestly enjoyed running 102kilometers that time. I couldn’t explain but that’s how I would always describe my experience. I’ve ran the whole route again as part of the BDM 160K. It was even at a worse condition since the entire time we were running under the scorching heat of the sun. The 5th edition is upcoming. If I finish it, that would mean a Grandslam award (a special award for finishers of 160 and 102 within the same year). Also, a Gold, Silver, Bronze award is now at stake. (I’m a silver medalist for both my 2011 race and in my 160K check-in time at 102). I’M THINKING.

Tagaytay to Nasugbu is a race I’ve done twice. The first was in 2010 and second in the December 2012 edition. In 2012, improved my time by 20 minutes and also got the first place female award. Maybe, it’s a Lucky Race. For me, It’s a perfect way to measure progress or do a long run if you are preparing for a longer race. Also, For those who wanna do their first ultramarathon, it’s the best race to join. I MIGHT DO IT AGAIN.


With Marcelo, the Ultrarunning Champ

There are races I’d always join especially if it falls or coincide with my training schedule for long run or time trial and my schedule permits – Unilab races, Condura Marathon (missed the first two as I wasn’t into running then yet and missed the recent one though), Milo Marathon, and Rizal Day Run.

BUT there’s one race that I WILL DO AGAIN (and again and again). Perhaps, i’ll do it FIVE TIMES IN A YEAR – THE RIP THE ROAD 10 K RACE.

From the time I’ve heard about the idea from one of its organizers, Francis Macatulad, I knew that this is a must-join race.

Here’s the mechanics from the website http://www.riptheroad.com :

Rip the Road is an Annual series of 5 competitive 10K races with a championship race at the end of each season.

Only the top 1,000 runners will qualify for the championship race (free entry)

Runners must finish at least 2 legs to qualify for the championship race

Qualifying time is the average of a runner’s 2 fastest finish times

Winners and the top 250 finishers of the champiojnship race will be invited to the Night of Champions awards dinner (free entry)


Okay, I am a freak for challenges so shoot me – this is my kind of race. But for those who are not a competitive one like me, for those who are just looking for a race to enjoy or to test their fitness, this is also the race for you.

I joined the first leg last November 15, 2012. Not yet fully recovered from West Coast 200K, I ran as I was confident it would be well-organized. It was.

Here are the things I loved about the race:

  • Hydration are well-paced and the servers are cheerful
  • The whole route has marshals and/or closed to traffic. When in this lifetime would Makati roads be ours? Only 5 times at the 5 legs of Rip the Road perhaps. (Okay, maybe there are other chances but that’s all I know of)
  • The route is a combination of gradual climb to the flyover coming from Glorietta and of course, the downhill towards Buendia before you come back and finish the race and sprint it all out along Ayala Avenue.
  • Freebies and raffle prizes
  • Chance to podium as they give an award top Age Groupers and Top Overall for Male and Female Category

The only thing I didn’t like is that it was held in Glorietta. So after taking home P1,000 bucks for finishing first female in my age group, I gave in to the temptation of scouting the mall for the best resto for breakfast. I still came home broke.


Happy with my loots – a piece of the road and P1K. They have really nice finishers shirt. (I’m maarte so trust me when I say it’s nice.)

See you at the Second Edition on February 17, 2013! It’s VENDETTA. Find great deals for the race at A-deals.


P.S. I’m doing it again after a really long race. I’m seeing a pattern here. On the third edition, it will be…Oh, I’ll stop thinking. I hope the roads won’t do its Vendetta on me…


Rip the Road 1: Unleashed November 25, 2012
Rip the Road 2 February 17, 2013
Rip the Road 3 March 17, 2013
Rip the Road 4 April 14, 2013
Rip the Road 5 May 12, 2013
Rip the Road Championship June 9, 2013

Pre-championship June 7
Awards Night June 21

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