Reposting. It’s my second year in Crossfit and I still have great reasons to stay. The most important of them I’d say is the community who cheers and celebrates in every victories – from my first no-band pull ups to finishing my hundred miler. Soon, they’ll celebrate my 20 double unders in one minute (Coach, this is I promise! But there’s no time cap as to when.)


"Running the Good Race" Stories

These are two of the most common questions I have encountered from my friends inside and outside the Running Community:

  • Have you shifted to Crossfit from Running that’s why I haven’t seen you in Races?
  • Why do you still Crossfit, you already look fit?

It’s probably timely for me to post answers to these questions as I celebrate my one year of Crossfit-ing. (This is actually an excerpt from the interview questions I’ve answered about four months ago which covers things about being a crossfitter – a runner – a girl,)

How long have you been doing Crossfit? How often?

I started joining some of the Crossfit workouts at Ultra in December of 2010 when the box hasn’t opened. As soon as the box opened in January, I joined the foundation classes and started attending classes twice or thrice a week. Now, I visit the box three to five times…

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