Compressport Lovin’


I’ve never really felt the need of any form of Compression gear eversince I started running in 2009.

I have to admit though that it looks cool. So, for several times I’ve scouted for possible compression gear but failed to find one as the smallest is for 12.5″ calves. I was short by 0.5.

I got one at Second Wind worth P500, a local brand that fits me. I have been using it for post workout recovery. I’ve never used it at actual workouts as the fabric seems to retain water.

It was during the time that I decided to join West Coast 200k Ultramarathon that I started to look for one. This time not because it looks cool but 1)it’s a Multi-stage run totalling 200k and I know I have to conserve and save my legs for the next days and 2) when the race director first did a recon of the route, he was bitten by stray dogs (a layer might help just in case).

Fortunately, a new brand, Compressport has arrived in the country, distributed by my friend, Bobby of G-stop. I went to G-stop and was assisted well by the girls at the shop.


This could be my lucky charm! Since November I’ve been racing with it, together with my Simple Hydration bottle and have been getting some podiums. I wanna try wearing it in some negotiation meetings.

Kidding aside, I used it again in the recent Bataan Death March 160k Ultramarathon and I know that it rocks!

I have never felt any cramps or leg pain the whole time given the number of hours I’ve spent running, jogging, walking, crawling (almost!) just to get to the finish line.

I like that it’s very light you wouldn’t even feel it’s there. It doesn’t feel heavy even if I’m soaked in water. It still feels comfortable even during the times that it has fully dried up.

The label says it has a patented massaging fibre and that every movement triggers a micro massage providing well being and lightness. I would say that I seldom asked for leg massage in this race compared to my experience during the BDM 102K where I wasn’t wearing any compression for my calves.

The compression around the whole calf seems to absorb the shock from the continuous pounding on cemented pavement. I’m sure it helped lessen the fatigue and muscle tear in it. In fact, when I had my recovery sports massage at Intercare, there were hardly any knots on my calves.

Quality Guarantee and Tear Proof
When the product label says it comes with a two year guarantee for whatever defect, I trust that it is of high quality.

Let’s see! I actually thought I could avail of this after BDM. After wearing it for 29 hours soaked in sweat, water, dust, fumes – it took some time to recover from the bad smell and stains. Other than that, I would say, I’ve found my Compression Love!

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