10K x 10+ 2 = 102K and Other Crazy Heart Matters

FML, my longest run since BDM 160 is a 10k. I wonder how most of the other finishers can do it. They still run long non-stop, even finishing the Condura Marathon a week after.

No, I am not injured. I just want to ensure my body is fully recovered and allow my mind to reset and find the joy in running longer again for the next target race.

I spent the last three weeks working out my heart instead and learned a lot.

RUN: I learned that no matter how hot it is, your feet can still push forward if your heart is in it.

For the past two weeks, I tried to keep my running fitness thru short tempo runs. I did most of it at lunchtime.

Ultra is so peaceful at this time. But I can’t take lane 1 as it is occupied by varsity athletes.


CROSSFIT: I learned that it’s not easy to do Crossfit workouts alone, you’d need the heart to really push yourself.

I went back to strength training and tried to do my back squats at home. The plates were limited to 75lbs so I just did some high reps 75% bodyweight workout.

Ran out of plates!

Our guards would panic if I do this at the gym at home!

SWIM: I learned that there’s always enough space in my heart for another sports – like swimming. (And I have to learn to love it!)

I went back to my swim sessions as soon as my chafing wounds healed. I’m still learning the basics though.

Maybe, it’s because I no longer have the 160 jitters & my muscles are more relaxed – I finally finished a lap without much tension. I made my Coach proud and he finally uttered Very Good just like my kindergarten teacher.

RACING: I learned that your heart should have focus. 102k is 10k x 10+2. It can never be 10 and 102 altogether.

One cannot actually train for 10 k and 102k at the same time especially for a mortal like me. But I’m stubborn like that.

20130217-215056.jpg (read this from runningtips.com)

Out of sheer excitement for the Rip the Road race and a hope to finish stronger, I tried to relearn running with a stronger pull-off. For several months, I have trained my legs to focus on a stride that would sustain me to run for 30hours max. It was a major fail! On my third rep of 200m, I felt a pull on my quads. It was a wrong move trying to nail a 40ish minute for 200 meters. After letting the pain subside, I ran easy for a few more rounds. I tried to assess which stride would cause no pain, it’s painful as i pull off the ground strong. I had to cut my run short when I saw my swollen quads. It felt like the end of the world. I wanted to kneel on the tracks and pray.

For two days, I was icing it and kneading it lightly every 2-3 hours. The swelling was gone by Friday. The muscles are still tight but I can’t miss Sunday’s Rip the Road. Besides, it might be a good gauge how it would hold up. Just don’t sprint again, Tin!

Rock Tape came in handy!


I started the race jittery. I AM! I was praying that my quads are really okay and that I would be able to race smart and look long-term ( or at my longer race).

I started really slow and pushed it only at the last 3k after crossing Ayala. Several girls were ahead of me so I wasn’t really expecting I’d defend my first place AG from the last leg. The Ayala stretch was the best part. I was in pain and would still feel tightness every time I’d pull off. But heck I just want this over!

I was in awe as I finish, time sucks but my prayers were answered. I raced smart and hopefully didn’t cause further damage to the pulled muscle last Thursday.

PRAY. Lastly, I learned that GOD’s heart is much bigger than how we see it.

He gave more than what I prayed for – a podium finish for my AG.

Other strong girls in my AG are elsewhere haha..

No, I’m not pressured to keep the title until the last leg. I am hoping to break my 10k pr by 2 minutes, have 3 more legs to go.

1st leg is after 200k, 2nd leg is after 160k, 3rd Leg will be post BDM 102. So, my only hope for a PR will be the 5th leg. (Hoping!)

LOVE. I learned that I should love my body and should not only workout the body and heart but have it checked.

I’m Off to some Intercare loving tomorrow! I would need an intense myotherapy session to remove these knots on my quads.


After a long time, I had a routine check. Thanks to Doctor Eric Pascual of Medical City. He gave me a clearance that my heart is still fine while his wife, Dra Tere told me that my facial pores needs some cleaning. They referred me to a psychiatrist when I said I’m 80-20 sure to run 102k in a few weeks. Kidding!

Happy Valentines Day, people!

Life is a continuous training to achieve this.

Let’s train!

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