I Signed Up for the Crossfit Manila Open – Oh, so help me Fitness Gods!

So, I am up to something again! Before you call 911 and have me brought to Mandaluyong, allow me to give you my reasons. Perhaps, we will be competitors after you read this. Right?

  • It will be the first of its kind in the country. The Crossfit Manila Open has been posted in the website for months even before I decided to join my two major ultramarathon races. I have my eye on it since then.
  • It is a chance to test my fitness level in a Competition against other Crossfitters and non-Crosffitters who would also dare to take the challenge. If you’ve been reading my post, I guess you already know how crazy I can get. I believe that test of fitness is best measured when you are in a competition.
  • Crossfit Manila competitions, on top of being competitive are fun, friendly and defines what community-family is.Read more about my Crossfit Manila throwdown experience here .
  • The event caters to different levels of fitness. You can sign-up on the category based on the load you can handle. The first game will be announced on March 6 and I should do the first workout on or before 9PM of March 11. That will be 9 days after I finish my quest to finish the Bataan Death march 102K Ultramarathon to be a Grandslam awardee. Knowing that, I scaled down and is planning to compete either as medRx or Baby Rx.
  • It is my chance to see for myself what Coach Paulo Tatad experienced last year. He is the first Filipino to qualify in the Crossfit Regional Games (the only one so far). To be honest, I even thought of registering for the Crossfit Games which only costs $10 just to have a bad ass profile on the site that i can instagram like this one:

She’s Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, an elite Crossfit athlete. I might need to be reborn and live another life (or more) to be at par with her. But registering would give me the chance to have a profile like this. No, I am kidding! Someday…someday…

I am Athlete No. 27 – Tin Ferrera. IMG_7081

Now, if only I didn’t eat breakfast that long after my run, I could have beaten Erwan Heusaff on the ranking for early birds. It was my only chance to beat the FASTkidinside.com (I mean http://www.fatkidinside.com).
So, what are you waiting for? Sign-up now! We’d love to have non-members joining us, too.
Here’s one of the behind the scenes of how we do it at the box. If you’re not convinced after watching this, do the Harlem Shake for 30 seconds and think again.
MECHANICS: Visit http://www.cfmnl.com for more detailsDEADLINE TO SIGN UP March 1st, 2013


Individual Format, Male & Female Division (RX, medium RX, baby rx)

Duration: 30 Days

Rules: Members sign up under their respective categories and do the OPEN WODs released weekly by Reebok Crossfit. Workouts are released every Thursday. Members have to do it by 9pm Monday and enter their scores/reps online on the CFMNL.com website. Scores are added after 5 weeks and the top 10 finishers per category will be invited to a one day tournament.

Pay reg fee of Php 750 and give shirt size.

200 open slots

To join, go to http://challenge.cfmnl.com/login

PLEASE READ Mechanics:

1) 3 Divisions for Male and Female


  • BIG RX – 135 Thruster, FS, OHS, Push Press, 32 KG Kettlebell, Toes to Bar, Pullups
  • MED Rx – 95 Thruster, FS, OHS, Push Press, 24 KG Kettlebell, K2E, Pullups
  • BABY rx – 65 Thruster, FS, OHS, Push Press, 16 KG Kettlebell, K2Stomach, Jumping Pullups


  • BIG RX – 55 Thruster, FS, OHS, Push Press 16KG Kettlebell, K2E, Jumping Pullups
  • MED Rx – 35 Thruster, FS, OHS, Push Press 16KG Kettlebell, K2Stomach, Jumping Pullups
  • BABY rx (bootcamp) – No weights

2) Starting March 6, each participant does the OPEN WOD posted every FRIDAY on http://www.cfmnl.com and enters score by Monday 10pm

3) Scores are in reps and will be cumulative and totaled after every week. Ie. WOD 1 – 20 reps, WOD 2 – 35 reps. Total score = 55 reps.

4) Top 8-10 athletes per category will be invited to one day tournament on Saturday, April 20, 2013. DETAILS and WOD TBA.

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