STOKED: Bataan Death March 102K

I said I will never do it again when I crossed the finish line last March 2011.

Photo by Migs Castro

Photo by Migs Castro

From a 50-50 chance of joining, I am now a hundred percent sure to join. (Happy na, Ronnel?)

Several goals are up for grabs.  A lot has been posted in Facebook and fellow runners would chat me up about it or would challenge me to aim for it.  It is really the least of my concern but I wanna share them with you and my thoughts on it.

  • Finishing the Race would mean a Grandslam award for Back to back finish of BDM 160.  (This is my goal.  I badly want to get the award this edition cause I DO NOT want to do another 160 again in the near future.)
  • A chance to beat my personal record of 14:41 (If I extrapolate my split in 160k 4 weeks ago, this is doable but conditions of the road and the runners would always be unpredictable)
  • A chance to be in the league of Gold Finishers if you finish in sub 13 hours (If you do the Math, this is possible but you will never know unless you actually do the running and not the math of it)
  • An extra trophy if I get a spot in the podium (There are extremely strong runners and not until you have crossed the line this is not a guarantee regardless of your track record.)
  • Extra PAU points which would give you chance for a PAU Runner of the Year Award (for my life, I have forgotten about this points as I was on a late comeback only at WC200K)

An Ultramarathon is an ultramarathon.  One hundred two kilometers is one hundred two kilometers. Eighteen hours cut-off is 18 hours on the road.   

I am STOKED and SIMPLY PROUD TO TOE THE STARTING LINE AT 10PM of MARCH 2, 2013.  Let me share with you the reasons:

  • No matter how many ultramarathons I’ve finished successfully, each race would always be an impossible task to get my head wrapped around.  Each start would always be about braveness and a sign that you have a few screws loose in your head.
  • Each ultramarathon would always win you friendships as you run the race-from fellow runners and support groups.  Most of the times, you’ll meet a stranger, a fellow runner when all hope seemed to be lost.
  • It is my chance to be humbled again and be reminded to dig deep and find my source of strength which is bigger than me.

I have so much thoughts in my head but this probably sums it all.  Let me repost this note posted  by Jonel Mendoza, Frontrunner Ed-in chief and the first ultrarunner to sign up in the 2009 edition of BDM.

 “two days to the 5th bdm 102. what started as a humble tribute to the world war 2 heroes has turned out to be the most iconic road ultra in the country. from a few, brave souls in 2009, the field has grown to 200. if for anything, nothing material is to be gained from finishing. this is not the race to gain fame(nor notoriety) or popularity. on a personal note, this is the race that defined me as a runner for which i shall cherish all my life. let no one deface the honor of the men who sacrificed so much let alone the competitors who will risk life and limb to finish 102 kilometers honestly. good luck to all and may the good Lord guide us safely all the way. to the RD, Jovie Narcise, and his team, all the best!”

Let us allow the Bataan Death March 102K to define (or redefine) us as RUNNERS!

Sharing with you my past BDM experience. 

I missed 2009 cause my definition of ultramarathon then is shopping from Alabang to Trinoma for training and running a 5K as my ultramarathon race.

BDM 2010

BDM 2011

BDM 2012

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