Code of Ethics For Ultrarunners

This is the Code of Ethics for Ultrarunners that the race director Bald Runner discussed during the Bataan Death March 102K Ultramarathon Carboloading Party.


I just had to share the photo as this hits the heart.   Here’s why I love ultrarunning.

  • Everyone would encourage and inspire you towards achieving your goals.  Some would even push you to set new goals when they believe you can.

And when you wouldn’t dare, believe me, they would hijack all your posts in social media until you’re convinced you can.  I am a victim of this, a willing victim.

  • Everyone is racing his own race. Each runner is a buddy and there are no competitors.  Fellow runners would encourage you as they pass.  Some would even try to pace with you and encourage you to follow.  Making sure the runners you pass is okay is a must before heading out.

“you always ask every runner that you pass along the route how he/she is feeling or if he/she is ok…and then encourage him/her to walk/jog and pace with you..if the runner you are passing will tell you to go ahead, then say, “see you at the finish line”…and then proceed..” – Sir Jovie’s post in my IG Photo on facebook

  • Everyone calls out the accomplishments of others, from top finishers to the last finishers, even those who quit and did not finish.  Celebration starts at the starting line.  You have made it that far.

The first finisher is well applauded and the last finisher would always have the biggest cheer.  Not making it to the finish line would always mean a stronger comeback the following year.

  • Lastly, everyone is your teammate.

Flashback to 2010 when I started joining ultramarathons:  Most of my closest friends from the running community are joining the race and I was peer pressured to. I’ll always read this post  of my first ultramarathon, the Sierra Madre Run and it would always make me smile – how vain I was and how fair was my complexion back then. It was my first taste of ultramarathon and the road to addiction which was capped by my BDM 2011.   Back then, I trained and raced mostly with my bestest friends.

When I joined the West Coast 200K Ultramarathon after a long hiatus, one of my biggest dilemma really was that I do not have any close friend racing. Most of us have taken other paths and have different race goals.  I joined the race on my own and ended up doing 4 more races since then.  I may not be part of any of the teams supporting the ultramarathons but I have been adopted by almost every team along the road. Thanks to everyone!

Cheers everyone! See you at the awarding on Thursday!

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