Passion and How Far it Would Take You

It was supposed to be a brief catch up over coffee while discussing some exciting projects and everything about running.

But I guess when people talk about something they’re passionate about – time cap should be set like it’s a hundred miler race.

With Sir Jovie Narcise (, Ma’am Rowena & Raymond Racaza

The chat brought me into thinking how far passion has taken me and the passionate people behind it.

The Bald Runner

Needless to explain further, Sir Jovie is one of the people behind the runner that I am today. (I am sure I’d get a lot of high fives here). Since I’ve decided to start running, I’ve been reading and following his blog. I actually sent him a message in Facebook a month before I ran my first 21k in July 2009 asking for help. He told me to look for his team at Ultra and join the BR clinic. I guess that was the start of my running journey…

He is not only the founder of The Philippine Association of Ultrarunning and the famous Bataan Death March, he is also the father to everyone who dares to take the step beyond our comfort zone guiding us with his own experience.

His ultimate dream is to put the Philippine flag in international ultramarathons. The first step has been taken and I am looking forward to the ultimate fulfillment of this dream.
“I Gave My Best To This Race!”

Indeed, passion can take us to places!



The Bull Runner

Another runner who can surely fill up Araneta Coliseum (in case she decides to be an Anne-bisyosa) is Jaymie Pizzaro. Kidding aside, she has made dreams come true for thousands, even those who used to only dream of getting out of the couch…on to becoming a marathoner.

Runners World Cover Girl, Jaymie of

I can’t find a photo of me with Jaymie. I don’t have any! I’ve always wanted to have a photo with her since 2009. I even remember telling my friend then as we exit the carpark after my first 10k race “that’s Jaymie, of the bull runner. Sayang, we can’t have a photo with her na” Her blog and magazine has been a constant source of inspiration for me and I am sure for most of us. She is indeed not only a mother to her two kiddos, but also a Mother of Running.

Here’s a great article about Jaymie written by Coach Jim Lafferty for Philstar

Indeed, passion can turn into something great!

The Front Runner

If there is a title “ultra pusher”, that would be Jonel Mendoza. Back in 2010, when I was clueless about running a marathon, moreso any distance behind that, he was one of those who would encourage me. His passion has evolved from being one of the ultra-addicts to being one of the fathers of ultra, organizing hardcore Ultramarathons and publishing the first local running magazine.


Indeed, Passion is contagious!

Lastly, if I have fathers and mothers in running, I also have two little brothers who hijacks my Facebook every chance they get.


If by surprise you’ll see me at the starting line, you know who the culprits are.


All you need is PASSION to start, go on and finish the race! Sometimes, it would also say “stop & start over again!

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