The Open is Upon Us: 2013 Crossfit Games & CFManila Open

Today is a big day for Crossfitters around the world.  Whether you are competing in the open for the Crossfit Games, joining your own affiliate’s open just like CrossfitMnl or simply cheering and your box-mates and watching updates on how the fittest on earth would fair at the workouts.

The 13. 1 WOD was announced a few hours ago.  Perhaps many has completed the workout.  CFMnl’s resident beast Ken Lim is done from what I have heard.  I am, like very crossfitter, glued to all forms of social media getting updates.

I joined the CFMnl Open.

I do not really know what I am up to.  All I know is that I get a shirt and a wrist wrap that is so cool….and as our Head Honcho posted “we are in for a new experience, a memory”

Yes to memories and experience as I am about to do a scaled down version of the Workout as Med Rx Female which is a total of 100 burpees, broken down with snatches of 30repetitions each weighing 45lbs and going up to 75lbs.  Maybe, it’ll be my first time to puke not during the workout but before I even reach the box. I feel nauseous already.


Here is Julie Foucher’s video doing 13.1.

I wish it looks as easy as the way she does it.

It feels good though to do the same Workout today as Julie Foucher and 120,000 other crossfitters registered for the open around the world –  the fittest on earth who dared to test their fitness.

I have the least expectation for myself for this WOD.

But I will give it my best as my way of giving thanks to my awesome coach and community who journeys with me towards fitness.

I wish everyone the best. Special shoutout to the CFMnl people registered for the Games.  Whether you make it to Korea or not, you’ve already WON!  Today, you’ll start the road to becoming a better athlete, a better person.

<p><a href=”″>Crossfit Manila, The Box.</a> from <a href=”″>Francisco Guerrero</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>



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