Cheers to all the Strong Girls!

In a sports that is well-dominated by men.

…..where you have to be creative in dealing with female thing on the race course (peeing, monthly period, among others)

…..where you have to brave the drunkards, stray dogs, the endless heckling of bystanders

…..where you would always hear “uy babae kasali”as you run

And when you have conquered it, you will receive a Buckle you’d be proud to wear….

If you were a boy, like this

(Photo from Pastor Jun)

Now, the problem is, a woman hardly wears belt, right? It would be a complete change of your own fashion statement altogether.

But thank God, that as a woman creativity is innate in us.

….buckle on pearls!!!


It was a good day to start celebrating the woman’s day last night at the Bataan Death March Ultramarathon Awards Night.


And get the chance to wear the buckle I fought hard for….

Happy Women’s Day!!!!

Cheers to all the woman runners, Ultrarunners and crossfitters! Let’s celebrate our quest to getting strong and fit as we go beyond our own comfort zone.

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