17 Minutes to Fight for a Hundred Points at CFMnl OPEN13.1

Probably, the Fitness Gods read my post when I signed up for the CrossfitMNL Challenge. They read it and said, “Let’s give her exactly what she wants. Challenge huh! Welcome back to Crossfit!”

13.1 is an understatement of the word CHALLENGE for me. I shared last Thursday how nauseous I felt since I woke up to the announcement.

Almost two months of break and the rusty crossiftter me is to be welcomed by BURPEES AND SNATCHES. I hate Dave Castro!

Let me explain the two movements and how good they are as an exercise. Perhaps, I am really a poser Crossfitter for hating them with all my HEART!


It requires good technique, good positioning which exposes your stability and mobility issue. It is a good posterior chain developer as well. You need massive glutes and hamstring to get it moving. It will definitely give tremendous benefits whatever sports you are in or if you simply want to improve your overall fitness level.

My box, CrossfitMNL ensured we have proper progression in learning this Olympic lift as it is a very technical lift. Most of the people from the box have progressed efficiently from getting the correct form to hitting PRs every time it’s a skill or strength day.

Snatch intimidates me. Since I was following a specific strength program late last year, I would always scale down or do clean and jerks instead. In Metcon workouts, I would scale down to 35lb bar for snatches. I wasn’t able to maximize the snatch progression program in the box. I was afraid to mix up learning new techniques with fear of getting injured so I focused more on deadlifts, squats, and clean and jerks. (Yes, excuses!) I only max’ed at 55lbs then.


As the website for the CrossFit exercise program explains, a burpee starts by crouching on the floor with your hands in front of you. Swiftly move your feet back and bend your arms so you are in a push-up position. Perform a push-up and quickly bring your feet back under you, then jump as high as you can, landing in the squat position. Repeat as many times as your workout plan requires.

It works on strength, endurance and improves anaerobic capacity.

I hate Burpees! It is a workout where you basically need to do the movement as quickly as possible while carrying your own bodyweight. It sounds easy but the thought of doing the same thing repeatedly kills me mentally before my physical strength gives up.

Last Saturday, Miggy posted a last call if we want to change our category. I wanted to scale down to Baby Rx but I didn’t. I want the Challenge!

I went to the box on Monday. It will be my first MetCon since mid January. (My workout was focused on strength for the BDM races). Scared is an understatement. Smacky is doing the WOD also as he got sick last Friday. At least, I have a company in suffering.

After our group warm-up, Coach Jordan reviewed me on Snatch, corrected my form – the stance, the grip, the startup position, the pull. I warmed up and eventually increased to starting weight of 45 lbs. Wow! That was easy. (But, we are to do 30 snatches after doing 40 burpees)

Burpees have to be done with a jump to 6 inches reach. If you are unable to touch, that would mean no count.


6 inches from my hands max reach. I’m so glad I cut my nails really short.

I practiced burpees and it felt like a good enough reason to back out! I have warmed up, had my dose of nutrition from hydro-coco and have parked already so sayang naman!

3, 2, 1 Go….

First 40 Burpees

They said I should pace myself for the burpees. I took each rep slowly and rested for a few seconds every 10 reps. Coach Jords shouted 3 minutes and a half when I was on my 30ish. OMG, Julie Foucher is done with 30 snatches by this time. (As if, I was even worthy comparing.) I started the next exercise with more than 12 minutes left to do the rest of the rounds.




30 Snatches

I planned to break down the snatches into 5. After 4 reps though, I wasn’t able to lock so I cut it down to 3. This is no joke! My legs are burning already from the burpees. I keep thinking hips, quick pull, and speed….I can hear Coach Jordan shouting reminders on this. I took it one rep at a time ensuring I do quality lift so as not to waste it for “No reps”. Finally, it was over!


30 Burpees

I didn’t pace anymore for the last 30 burpees. I was zoned out just to get the reps done, hoping to get back to the bar. I didn’t take breaks anymore. The problem is for several times I jumped with one hand touching the pipe which caused me “No Rep”.

Last 2 minutes and I could only hear cheers and shouting from everyone. Done with another 30 burpees!

30 Snatches

I went to the bar and took a few seconds rest. When I was about to lift I realized I didn’t add weight. I took a sip from my water bottle then tried to lift at 55 lbs. I had 20 seconds to give it a try. FML, I can’t even clean it. I quit with 10 seconds left.


The Failed Lift

I scored 100 points after 17 minutes! I was stoked as I only expected to finish the first round.

What ifs are in my mind as I left the box to go to work. What if I paced faster? What if I didn’t eat Cheetos last night? What if I didn’t miss the snatch classes last year? What if I was not coming from a month of break after my BDM races? What if I Baby Rx? What if I listened to KP (I can hear him say tsk tsk tsk)?

But 13.1 is over . No regrets. I know I gave it my best. And it can only get better.

13.2 will be announced in a few hours. And I pray, LET THERE BE NO DOUBLE UNDERS!!!!! Seriously, please. please. please.

Whatever 13. 2 to 13.5 may bring, KEEP CALM AND WOD ON!

Whatever 13. 2 to 13.5 may bring, KEEP CALM AND WOD ON!

I thank God for each WOD experience. It reminds me of how HE strengthens me in times when I doubt myself if I can. Life is a series of WOD. To God be the Glory!

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