Berocca: Won’t let you down!

Berocca’s tagline is #Onfullblast.  It is true for me, given it has zinc, magnessium, Vitamin C and Vitamin B.  With the load of training I had for my ultramarathon and crossfit, it’s just what I needed.

What is more critical for me though is managing my allergic rhinitis.  I’ve had this since I was a child.  When not properly managed, it would blow up to colds, coughing and eventually give me fever.  The peak of my race season had crazy weather – December being summery to a really chilly January.  Leading towards my major race, my colds and cough have worsen.  I blame it on the sudden weather change coupled with training volume.  So, I ditched the supplements I am taking and started taking Berocca again a few days before the race.  I needed the Vitamin C dose! As we reach Bataan, Manila’s chilly weather bade goodbye.  It was hot!  I know the shift would aggravate my rhinitis.   I started the race with my cough still bothering me.  The conditions were not ideal – dusty, chilly turned burning hot weather, fumes, among other…

Berocca saved me early in the game!  Here’s my kilometer 18 and 19 thoughts shared here

18 It’s too dusty. It didn’t feel like this back in 2011 when we ran it at midnight. Allergy attack again

19 I told my crew to text Tere that I’m okay and pray that my allergies go away. I don’t think they texted but I guess they prayed cause the Claritin and Berocca I took is starting to work.

I seriously swear by its magic power whenever you need to get well in a snap of a finger.  I may not be able to explain fully so  here’s a link on its content:


Now, i do not wait for the time when magic has to happen.  I use it everyday, CAN’T GET SICK!

Sometimes it is also good to hear success stories from friends who sees my post of what works for me – probably had tons of Berocca IG shots (plus other nonsense stuff).

My friend has registered for the TBR Dream Marathon – 2010, 2011 and 2012 to be exact.  For some reasons, he would always get sick leading towards the event and declare DNS.  It is very likely given the volume of training coupled with stress and anxiety as the race goes near.  He finally made it this February to the starting line and successfully finished! I just have to share his secret.  Indeed, Berocca won’t let you down!

One of the reasons I share what works for me...

One of the reasons I share what works for me…

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