And the Storm after the Calm: My Comeback Workouts

They say you have to ease your way through back after a hard (or long) race.  A month maybe? Nah, that’s a bit too long.

After a week-long rest, I bailed out of a short run on Sunday, March 9.  It feels so good to wake up, turn-off the alarm and go back under the comforter on a Sunday morning after coming from a late night out.

Monday is a different story though.  It was the last day to do the 13.1 WOD. So, I have no choice but to wake up, brush my teeth and brush my muscle with my massage stick.


13. 1 happened on Monday .

Tuesday is my regular running day which used to be my speed workout day. (It had to change leading to my BDM Prep last year).  I woke up late again for the morning trip to the track. 😦 So, to get my lazy ass to start back to running, I recruited friends to join me for the afternoon track session before Crossfit.

We started with the usual warm-up, drills and off we started with some 200meter fix.  I promised my friend we’ll just cruise it at 50 minutes which didn’t happen.  Probably, the long rest has helped.  I was hitting it back to my 200 meter speed.  I had to tell my friend not to trail behind and go at her target pace. 

Free workout at Ultra started at 7pm.   I was so excited for friends from inside and outside the running community who’ll try crossfit for the first time.  Some of them didn’t make it while some are late.  The good thing is the WOD will be ongoing until April when CF in Kapitolyo opens.  (Torned if I should move box 😦


Some of those in attendance.

The Workout is almost the same as one of our throwdown workouts last June scaled down with lower reps. 

4 rounds of 400 meter run,15 reps walking lunges, 15 reps burpees, 15 reps air squats

Even with lower reps and doing it without the sun, I knew it was not going to be easy.  But, easy brings no result, right? (except if it’s part of a training program which has recovery days)

My legs were still shaking from my run workout.  I was hoping someone would pick me up as a partner who can just take a non-competitive pace.    A free one month membership is at stake!


With my partner Roy who was killing it. I wanna die! 

Note: Ideal interval time between a run-workout and Crossfit workout is 3 hours.  (I just have a watch that jumps by 1 hour every hour)  In short, wag akong tularan!

We finished second and was just glad it’s over.  I knew this would equate to DOMS!

But I didn’t quite project these bruises.


Proof that we didn’t take it easy

Wednesday was rest day.  I was swamped with work as it’s the time of the year that we, accountants are busy….

After another busy Thursday, I got trapped at the Bumblebee atelier in Pasig.  I can only drive around Pasig.  What a good place to be trapped, right?  Drove myself to Ultra.  Maybe, I can squeeze another run workout before my dinner meeting.  Anyway, I already have my hydration and nutrition packed and it will be odd to finish this up in Starbucks.


Just enough baon for a pyramid run workout

It’s a bit frustrating though that my successful Tuesday workout didn’t translate yet to Thursday.  For some reps, it was but was kept at 5ish mpk for the peak of the pyramid.  I was able to do a negative split though and hit a decent pace at the end.  I guess, running is indeed very mental.  I have been patiently training myself to run at a slower pace for the longest time which I think worked for me.  Training myself to run fast will be another story.

I was busy with Friday and Saturday errands, chores and other personal stuff while welcoming the DOMS I have really missed.

I ended the week with a time trial for 5K  on Sunday at a slow 28:42.  Maybe, it’s the hilly terrain or the heat or the cars on the road I have to avoid.  But I know, there’s a lot of homework to do.  I took a cruising pace after to complete 10K and cap the week-worth training inside the comforts of Whitefields where I’m protected from the sun.  (I know, it’s not like me….)

My friend posted a comment on my wall telling me she admires my discipline to workout.  I guess when you love what you are doing, everything follows (with or without any goal race).

So, what will happen if I will add bike or swim to this kind of calendar….can we add one more day to the week?  How do you guys do that?



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