Another FAILed Workout: CFManila Open 13.2 is Another First Attempt in Learning

I woke up on Thursday last week with the best morning news! 13.2 consists of push press/push jerk, deadlifts and box jumps. I was ecstatic. No, it is not because it seems easy but because there is no Double Unders. (3 more weeks to pray this doesn’t appear in the Workouts!)

I watched the live feed of Annie versus Lindsey and was in awe with the power and strength of the two girls.


As expected, the morning of Thursday puts every crossfitter in the world hook to each posting, both from the elites and coaches and spectators like us.


To be honest, this is one WOD I am not intimidated by the weight. It is recommended by most coaches to work on 65% of your 1 rep max for the lift in MetCon Workouts. My 1RM for the deadlift is 165lbs (which is several months ago as I have been working out at dynamic effort recenly). For push jerk, it was at 95lbs which was set in October 2012. Since I am competing in the Med RX category, I “only” need to work at 55lbs (“only” – that’s what I thought), so I think it is within a doable metcon. Not too heavy at 75 lbs but no Sandbagging. We have to do As Many Rounds of Possible of the following: 5 Push Press/Push Jerk, 10 Deadlifts and 15 Box Jumps within 10 minutes.

Coming from an intense Monday and Tuesday and Thursday workout schedule, I was afraid to do it on Friday. My hams and calves are still tight and my shoulders are stiff. After consulting with KP he advised me to rest and recover for the WOD and do it on Monday. I did (but hmmm…I still ran on Sunday cause I have to….)

So, while resting and waiting for Monday, I read and digest this one

And then tried to apply it on Monday….”TRIED”

But I FAILed! Here are some excerpts from the tips at Tabata Times and how I failed.

1. Take your time warming up, but do not fatigue any one body part.Calves, shoulders, and hammies (despite the light weight!) will all be taxed a bit. Since it’s a shorter WOD, take a little extra time with your warmup, including plenty of mobility and explosive drills. If you are pretty sure you will need to revert to push jerking during the WOD, practice your rhythm on both the push press and the push jerk so that your pace will not be thwarted when you have to change skills.

I did enough warm-up but my hammies are still so tight despite all the foam rolling I have done. It was nothing alarming. It might affect my performance though.

My plan was to do push press and not jerk as I was a bit confident of doing 55lbs from shoulder to overhead. I warmed up doing push press and did about two push jerks at lighter weights. WRONG! When my push press didn’t lock and I got a No Rep, I shifted to push jerk but I lost my focus and had to reset again.

My 55lb-bar, my 20" box and Reebok Nano ready to do 13.2

My 55lb-bar, my 20″ box and Reebok Nano ready to do 13.2

2. Your score will largely be determined by your rhythm: how fast yes, but also how consistent you will be.I slowed down during this last quarter, which is something I plan on changing next go around. Start with the push press and maintain as long as your strength allows, as it IS faster. If and when you have to jerk, keep a fast consistent and clean rhythm, with minimal foot movement. Try not to mix up push press and push jerk within the same set as it throws off your mojo (trust me, I tried).

MOJO is key here. I have my mojo intact until the 5th round. At the 6th round, after one push press, one failed push press and a shift to push jerk – I lost it. I had to reset the last reps from a hang power clean position. I was too confident I can hold the 5 rep continuously! The same thing happened at the 7th round.

3. Box jumps: obviously only resort to box stepping if you have an injury that requires you to do so, or your rhythm is poor on this skill.

I am not injured. I am also not good at step up. I didn’t even tried to check how my rhythm would be with box humps. I decided to do step up all the way. Coach Jords was telling me to box jumps for he knows it’s something I am comfortable doing. I was stubborn. As I wod, I felt that step up was taking too long. It was too late though when I decided to shift to box jumps, my legs won’t cooperate. Muscle memory! The advantage of step up is it allowed me to recover before I go back to the bar as my heart rate goes down. I can do push press easily and bomb the 10 reps deadlifts straight.

4. HANDS ON for all 15 reps on the bar. Avoid dropping the bar at all costs.

This was the plan. I successfully did straight 5 shoulder to overhead and shift to deadlifts unbroken until the 4th round. For the 5th round, I had to pause after 2 reps on the shoulders. I knew the 55lbs weight has started to become heavy. It was only in the deadlifts that I was successful enough to do unbroken.

5. As much as I don’t want to redo this one… this is the kind of WOD that you are nearly guaranteed to better the 2nd time around.

I had no more chance to redo it as the deadline is already at 10pm of that night for submission of scores to CFMNL Open. If I redo – Will I do better? Can I do better? Is my strength back? Have I really lost my strength? Is it a form and technique problem? I do not know really. What I am sure of is that I already gave my best for 13.2 this week.


My WOD Board: I wrote down Annie’s reps of 12 rounds +1 push press as an inspiration. She even smiled after her 9th round of dedlift. That was the plan!
But I didn’t even reach nine (not that I even hoped) I almost finished 7 rounds lacking 4 box jumps. I successfully smiled to Len while she was pushing me to pick up the bar again on the 6th round.

Another FAILed WOD. First attempt in learning…When will I ever learn? 🙂


Few more hours to 13.3. You know what my hopes are…..

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