Recovery Flow Chart: Perfect for a Geeky & Crazy Me

I was able to chat with a doctor this morning while waiting for my mother’s accupuncture session to be done.  I described to her my typical week.  Amazed at my work(out) load, she told me that my body has adopted a natural strength to recover on its own.   “But, don’t abuse it”, she says… Too bad, I only had a minute to chat with her. I’ll try to catch her one of these days and learn some more. Meantime, I resorted to googling stuff and found this at


This is something that I have to print and post in my room, my office and at the car’s dashboard.   The past two weeks have been crazy.  With two more sports I have to  add tom my training menu, aside from time management, proper recovery rest has to be top of mind.  It’s not just about juggling training and work.   You know how crazy I can get sometimes.  Rest and recover, WITH or WITHOUT pain….

Gotta train….hmmm okay, it is a Saturday, gotta recover!

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