Run Solo: Turn the Mute Button off

Sometimes you just have to run on your own and explore. Here’s how I did it during Black Saturday:

Turn the mute button to the world….


And log-out of candy crush

Lace up….


Choose the right gear – longer (not my usual) shorts, compresports, k-swiss blade light & just match the right tops 🙂

Head out….


Step out of the house but make sure you tell someone your route.

Zone out….


Focus on your breathing, your form and the road.



Think of anything that would keep you in the zone. Pray and meditate.

Smell the flowers….


It’s not a race so just maintain a pace good enough for a cardio workout.

And before you knew it, 10 kilometers is done!

It was my first time to run for an hour in an unfamiliar place with no support. Let me rephrase – it is a familiar route. I grew up in Rizal but I honestly have not set foot on these road….I realized that it is only (1) one ULTRA track oval to my cousin’s house along the highway; (2) one UP oval to Tanay; (3) two mile to Vista Barista, our favorite coffee place; (4) 5K to Daily Grinds in Pillilla; (5) 6 K to my friend Anne’s house in Pillilla so I ran further in the highway before heading to their house for stopover.

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