Friday Musings: The Most Powerful Tool to Bless

What a morning!

After my workout, I got online and saw the good news that a friend is preggy again! Then, another news of a mom’s friend passing away. Ironic. Reminds me that life is too short and that life is a blessing.

And that as we are blessed with our precious lives, we should always strive to be a blessing. It may not be a very big act. Simply by using a very powerful tool we have, our mouth – in a way that is pleasing to our God – then we can bless others. Sounds easy but it may be very challenging. For me, it is a struggle.

In the world we live right now, our social media posts can be tantamount to what we speak. Loud enough to be heard by hundreds, thousands or millions…Now, the struggle is bigger. But only by His grace, I can.

Here’s a reflection from You Bible that got me thinking, challenged and blessed….




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