Refresh, Renew and Recharge

I’m always full-speed ahead in my schedule. The day starts with a workout (either run or Crossfit), quick breakfast before heading to a work schedule that brings me around the city at times, and another workout (swim or yoga) in the afternoon. On certain days, there is either work or non-work related activities to deal with before retiring to bed.

Tiring huh! But it’s a lifestyle – my lifestyle.

I guess the only time I am not juggling numerous activities in a day is when I am out there running for hours – one, two, ten, fourteen, forty-four hours. Yes, for an ultrarunner, that is called a normal weekend activity.

With a hectic schedule and training/races that lasts for hours, hygiene is always a top priority. I cannot take risk and always have to stay healthy.   Being exposed to sweat and germs for hours needs not just an ordinary protection.  And I am glad that Adidas Body care is available in the market.  (You can even get one at convenience stores when you forget your deodorant at home.)

I have always been a fan of the Adidas body care’s line of products for women. I’ve been using their deodorant and fragrance since 2008.  I wasn’t even into sports then – unless shopping counts as sports.

Favorite Adidas Scent

Favorite Adidas Scent

Adidas Control

Adidas Control

What I love about the product is the freshness of its smell and the longer protection it gives especially when I run races. Two days without shower under the heat of the sun and still smelling fresh — that’s possible. Well, I think my support crew still survived riding the same car with me after the race during my BDM 2011. I asked them.  And trust that my sisters and best friend will tell the truth!

Post BDM 2011 photo!

Girls, being girls, are conscious of their hygiene. At least, most of the girls I know, even those who are really active and serious in the sports.

Maybe, the same goes for the opposite sex.

Well, last night, we had this conversation about hygiene with fellow ultrarunners. (Details I cannot share 😉 haha )

After last night's training.   This is about an hour after we ended training and I am still sweating.

After last night’s training. This is about an hour after we ended training and I am still sweating. That Payasso 2200 session by JLB is intense!

To sum it up, hygiene is also a big deal for guys. It’s just that we have the kikay side more than the boys who would always have the macho side.

Maybe that’s the reason Adidas has just launched a new line specifically for men. Macho + Mabango = WIN!!!
A new addition to adidas men’s personal care range is the Sports Energy. It promises 72 hours of protection –  even going beyond the cut-off for most 100 miler ultramarathon races. Now, this guarantees you enjoy the smell of fresh air on the trails no matter how tough the race is. :p

Here’s the official press release. 

(Of course) I wasn’t able to test this new line.  But during the first Run United, runners were asked to test it.  And everyone who were part of the product trials gave a thumbs up.

The Adidas Body Care booth will be at Run United 2 again this Sunday and RU2 runners can get it a discount. Drop by their booth and get your souvenir race photos taken.

Run United 2 Promo Adidas Body Care booth

Run United 2 Promo
Adidas Body Care booth


The Sports Energy is available in antiperspirant/deodorant and “3-in-1” shower gel, is specifically made to recharge a man’s batteries.With an energizing fragrance that delivers a real boost of energy, Sports Energy is a dynamic way for men to kick-start the morning, power up to face the day’s challenges, or to recharge after a tough workout session.

cool & dryA fresh boost of energy

Developed with athletes, adidas’ Sports Energy antiperspirant / deodorant for men combines the Cool and Dry Technology with a revitalizing new fragrance. Sports Energy blends intense, modern freshness top notes with an amber-and-wood dry down to deliver an invigorating boost of energy. Available in both spray and roll-on & stick, adidas Sports Energy antiperspirant offers up to 72 hours of long-lasting wetness protection for the active man.

The Sports Energy fragrance is also featured in a new adidas “3-in-1” Body Hair Face shower gel. The key ingredients of lime extract and natural mineral salts create a boost of freshness, while the exciting, dynamic fragrance awakens the senses with bright citrus notes of lime, cedar and orange. The pH-balanced “all in one” gel formula maintains skin’s hydration, and can be used on body, face and hair without irritating a man’s skin or eyes.

Vibrant new packaging

In addition to its dynamic fragrance, adidas’ new Sports Energy duo also features packaging that is particularly distinctive and impactful. The colour palette is visually stimulating and symbolic of a burst of stamina and “recharging one’s batteries.” While every other product in the adidas men’s range features black as the primary bottle colour, Sports Energy stands out as the only variant with intense, deep cobalt blue packaging. The use of vivid yellow as a contrasting secondary colour also communicates the idea of renewed energy.

More choices for today’s man

Sports Energy is the top variant in the adidas Cool and Dry deodorant range, which also includes Pro Invisible, Ice Effect and Pro Level formulas. Sports Energy shower gel joins two other Body Hair Face formulas: After Sport and Ice Effect.

New adidas Sports Energy men’s deodorant is now in Watsons, SM Supermarkets and other leading department stores and supermarkets nationwide

Refresh, renew, and recharge with adidas Sports Energy for men.

 Adidas Sport energy anti-perspirant Deo Body Spray is P199.75 only

Adidas Sport energy anti-perspirant Roll On is P89.75 only

Adidas Sport energy 3in1 shower gel is P199.75 only

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