Get Fit. Get Fitbar: some secrets on how I get fit and how you can

Eating a healthy, balanced diet is necessary for everyone.  Even if you are living an active lifestyle and is exercising for hours a day, it’s not an excuse!  I believe someone who regularly trains to keep fit or to prepare for a race should ensure they get the proper and complete nutrients in their body.   For those who live a not so active lifestyle, a good nutrition can lower your risk of developing chronic diseases and help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight.  (sedentary lifestyle+unhealthy eating = ???? )

It may not be that obvious but I’ve never really considered healthy eating or controlling my food intake eversince even when I started running in 2009.  When I started to do Crossfit that I got introduced to the Paleo Diet.  I slowly adapted the concept, not 100% but it is my guide.

Basically, I try to achieve a balance of what I eat and pack my lunch.  You’ll never know when you’ll get hungry, right?


A typical lunch pack that I sometimes end up eating in the car

But then, I’m a snack-er.  I always need something to nibble on.  That’s why I was so happy when Fitbar was brought in to the country last year and I got to try them out and it’s only P18 each.

Okay, it’s not one hundred percent healthy but at this age, we can not always afford to carry everyday our stash of bananas and apple in our Hermes bag  (Wait, and I cannot afford an Hermes), I meant H&M my bag is H&M.


Fitbar in my bag!

It also fits so well in my Ultraspire Surge bag for my trail runs.

Step to the right, to the left... Promise, I didn't do anything to the guy in this photo.

It’s the perfect answer to my hunger problem!  😛  And the good news is if I run out of stocks, it is also available at convenience stores, a little more expensive by P2 at P20.

Here’s what the label say.

  • Low in Calories 110 cal
  • Cholesterol 0 mg
  • Trans Fat 0 g
  • With oats
  • Contains Calcium, Vitamin A, B12, and C

I’m convinced, been snacking on it since last year.

I also like the fact that it has two variants cause I can alternately eat them and won’t have that suya factor.  Imagine if you are on the trails for 10 hours with trail food only.  I alternate fruits and then nuts, repeat and it lessens the suya.



Available at the following branches

Note: I have been given products/supplies to try and use for my trail races and training.  The review is not affected by such support though.

Okay, since, it’s training season for Milo Marathon and there are upcoming trail races, I’m giving away 20 boxes of Fitbar.  Each box contains 12 pieces.  How to get one? Easy: 1) share this post and tag me and Fitbar Philippines 2) Share why you want to get fit.  Make sure that you have it’s setting as public so I can view it .  I’ll choose the winners on random by Friday and post the winners here.

(Note: Pick up of prize will be coordinated)


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