I’m Not Timothy

With the many roles I play in life, a day can be as laid back like a day on the beach or as chaotic as running from a meeting in Mall of Asia to the next one in Trinoma. It is so easy to lose focus. Challenges along the way would tempt me to take a detour or probably a short-cut.

Keeping my eyes on the prize set at the end of the race, I continue to persevere.  And when that day comes, at the end of the race, my prayer is that I can proudly say, “I have fought the good fight. I have completed the race. I have kept the faith.” 2Timothy 4:7 . I live my life by this verse, hence the url.

“Running is a lot like my life.  Every time I lace up, I just put one foot in front of another, enjoying each stride.  And as it gets tougher, I push myself and endure the pain.  A good foundation is important for me; hence, training, proper research and being in good company with running friends and mentors spice up my running life.  My goal is  as I finish each run, whether it’s a workout or a race, I will always cross that line strong and smiling; knowing that I have fought a good fight.”

My Running Profile:

I started (seriously) running last May 10, 2009 when I joined my first 10-kilometer race.   Prior to that, I’ve joined a few 5-K races – mostly, in a whim.   Todate,  I have  joined and finished several marathons and ultramarathon races from 50k to 100mile race and 200K single and multi-stage ultramarathon.  Along the way, I’ve found found love for Crossfit and Yoga and has become a believer in the Paleo Diet.  She still hopes McDonalds McFlurry Oreo is Paleo (Kidding!)

I am now wannabe trail runner, having discovered the joy of going outdoors at the last day of 2013.  Being a trail-late bloomer, she got interested in joining the Cordillera Great Traverse in 2014-an Expedition that aims to establish the longest, most scenic and sustainable trekking/hiking destination in the Philippines.  Her hope is that the Expedition gets into its completion sooner so more people will have easy access to a trail system like what other countries have – something that would lessen the number of trail late bloomers like her and start walking the mountains earlier…. :p 

I am also part of the team that launched RaceYaya in 2016.  We aim to assist athletes, race organizers, distributors of endurance related products and gears, and other members of the community via our online website and application.  We thought we have the ability to help and assist with our varied expertise outside sports so we might as well group and put up something.  RaceYaya’s goal is to be able to help deserving athletes in their dream of racing outside the country.  More details out this year!

Here are some of my first or some of my memorable runs and adventures:

(still in the process of editing this page so please come back)

I hope I can share with you my adventures in running (and life) as I post updates on this blog.


First Marathon in Condura 2010


First Ultramarathon in 2010 back when fixing myself every kilometer was top priority.  Surprising, I still finished third female.  Since then, the goal is to be a bit tougher each race. (aka less retouch)


My Fastest Marathon todate at 4:02 guntime and 4:01 chip time.  I still dream of beating this PR I have set last 2012.  So, ticking off a sub21 5K, sub50 10K and sub 1:50 21K soonest while I still can train for it. 🙂


First time to run in costume.  I was in the zone here until I got lost which brought our relay team to rank 8th from a podium finish.


First trail race at Mount Ugo Marathon in 2014

run for the aspins

First official race with my dog Patzxch.   (She has conquered two                                                   half trail marathon since then and climbed a couple of                                                                       mountains.)


Not my first, but my second trail ultramarathon at Clark Miyamit                                                  Falls Ultra


6 replies

  1. I just saw your blog. I was struck with 2 Tim. 4:7. We used the same passage when our community (Ang Ligaya ng Panginoon) joined the relay race of Ironman Camsur. Are you part of Lingkod? A group of runners in Ligaya are planning to launch sports evangelization and we are going to use same passage again from Tim. See you in future races.


  2. Yup, I’m part of Lingkod-Greenhills. Just finished my first full with SOW bros Joseph, Jobaqs, Jim and Michi who are all with Ligaya plus two more bros from Lingkod. Good to hear about the plan. And wow, Ironman Camsur – it’s a dream for me..(yet)


  3. I would like to send you and email. I have a question to ask but could not find a contact page. What is the best place to contact you? my emaill address is runlikeananay@gmail.com. When you have the time, I would greatly appreciate if you could contact me. Thank you. Chelo


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