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Run Like Katniss in Hunger Games

Have you seen Hunger Games? Amazing, right? I was browsing YouTube for some running drills when I came across a video of how they prepared jennifer Lawrence for the role; specifically for those parts when she has to run for her life. Check out this video on YouTube: Nice form, […]

Rogin-e Last Man Running

One of those mornings when you lace up, drag yourself to the starting line, take it easy then find out you can get to the top three midway…end up 5th female and with the fastest sub5mpk splits at the last two kilometers with gas tank still full…. That was quite […]

Running in the Morning

From December 2010 to around July 2011, I would usually spend two mornings in a week on the track for run intervals training. I always lack sleep then as I have to be up by 4:30 am, regardless of the time I got to bed. I felt it’s taking a […]

Stronger aka Faster

There are days you lace up not confident if it’s a good day to run, moreso, do intervals. It’s been a long time since I did 400meter workout…I’ve set my expectations low… But whoa…fastest split and fastest average for same workout…ever! okay, it’s not an elite record but for an […]