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On Being a Girl & Running @ the Front Runner

Few days before the release of the second edition of Front Runner, Jonel (ed-in-chief) told me that the issue will be a special issue for women…..and so, I got a copy at Fully Booked this afternoon. I immediately read  it while waiting for my cousin’s five boys I picked up […]

At the Last 52K of the BDM

At Kilometer 50, I couldn’t help but be amazed at each runner as they cross the time station.  Running 50K for about 5 to 6 hours already!  You can feel their pain but the smile on their faces were so inspiring, we’ve forgotten about our own tiredness and hunger.  (By […]

I Was There! “The BDM 102K-2010”

BDM 102 March 6-7, 2010.  For some reasons, I’ve never been more excited on any race like this one.  Probably because it’s the longest one…or it’s the first status feed I see on Facebook every morning (thanks to Jonel!) or even on the shoutbox…or out of excitement for my […]

Ready for the BDM

Nope, I’m not one of the 141 warriors for 2010. Excited though, being one of the volunteer marshalls …. D-day has come!  Here are some pics from the Carboloading Party with my friends from the BR Running Clinic.  Cheers guys! Imagine its’s our Yasso at the Ultra, after all the […]

Partners at the Track

Got this one last Monday…so far, so good! Tempo Run on Tuesday, Speed Training on Wed (50-50 x 10 laps), Another one on Friday (200-200, 12 reps)….. And another one….yes, it comes with a Partner: Tere, Come to the track soon, partner!  Your shoes is waiting.  (and I’ve been Coach […]