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One of the Boys at the Rolling Hills of Rizal

My non-running friends would always tell me I’m going crazy running a marathon….But since I have registered already and hmmm invested quite some time training for it, let’s do more crazy things at the last month before Condura. TUESDAY had a 60-40 drill with Frank Indapan (of the Team BR).  […]

A Year After c/o Caloy

It started with a simple facebook comment on Caloy’s FB status:an invite to join the October Botak Paa-Bilisan Road Race…”dude, new life?” (yep, running & night life can never be best friends)…after a few convincing from him, yada, yada…I joined my first 5-K Fun Run last October of 2008….. Fast […]

QCIM Plan A to B to C…then back to A

The QCIM is supposed to be my third half marathon. I got everything set for the NB 21K, aiming for a 2:15 PR and then Ondoy came….. There were so many Ondoy and Pepeng stories to share (running and non-running stuff) yet I wasn’t able to blog (I wrote but […]

Running Empty and a Perfect Recharge

Thursday was reserved for a long run before Sunday’s NB 21K race.  Was glad that Jobaqs’ sched was free so I got company. Started the day relaxed, drooling on my sisters’ good finds from her Guam trip.  Bags, Shoes, Watch…ohhh, so great a morning.  Just one meeting in the afternoon […]

My disappointed GF305

I got my GF 305 about 3 weeks ago…which means I should have logged at least 75 k run (with an average weekly target of 25K )….As soon as I got it, blogged that this would make me run better. For so, so many reasons, I have 10k total run […]

Sleepless in the Rain at Eco-dash

Looking at the race calendar, September is indeed a busy month for Running. And like the race calendar, this would probably be the busiest month for me. Work has been blessed with new accounts and its the production month for a project I am part of, a commemorative coffee table […]