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I’ll have an ugly feet? Oh no!

I’m scheduled for home service manicure & pedicure this Sunday but I decided to have it tonight since I’m leaving for a weekend retreat tomorrow night. Darlene, our favorite girl from ‘Nails So Right” is on my easy-dial list 🙂 but her phone can not be reached 😦 So I […]

my independence day…

it was a lazy friday, nothing on my schedule, an independence day indeed! Spent the morning on the internet till its time to leave to meet aileen and resa @ BHS for the usual coffee-chat-shop-dinner-chat-coffee. i’m sure aileen would have stories about her new gadget while resa about gensan (endless […]

Running in the Rain @ the Ie8 Run

It was raining hard on Saturday and I am already getting disappointed on a possible cancellation of the Ie8 Run. Upon reaching our house, I immediately checked and it says: 5am-cloudy, 6am-thunderstorms, 7am-thunderstorms, 8am-cloudy. Arggh, this can’t be true! I woke up at 3:45 am and I can hear […]

Meant to Be @ the Ie8 Run

I had no plans of joining this race as (1) my regular race buddy Michie won’t be in town, (2) my friends fran, dar, josie, joan all said no, (3) i’m a mozilla firefox user (kiddin’! this has no bearing). It was the morning of may 24, i brought my […]