Race Reports

Pacer Duties at the Adidas KOTR

Adidas KOTR is in my race schedule for the year.  My plan is to run the 21K distance as tempo/test run for me (part of my training).  It was so surprising that the slots were sold like hotcakes!  I planned to settle for a long run that weekend but one […]

Run For Knowledge

I attended a one-week conference and got loaded with tons of learnings and yes, additional pounds from sitting whole day on lectures standing up only for snacks, lunch and dinner (and yes, one week without run – suicidal really). Part of my take-home from the said event is the fact […]

Southridge Run: Fun 10K Run for the Win!

Saturday mornings always equate to laziness for me. My phone alarm is always off. 10.09.10 is an exception. One of my running friends, uber fast, Francis Mac invited us to join a fundraising run to support Muntinlupa public schools. The run will be in the South. Since I’m not joining […]

Last 10K of the PAU P2P 70K on foot

I had one gulp of Gatorade from my hydro bottle and in an instant I puked.  I heard some people said “Dugo?” “…. I smiled and in my mind I said, “No, that was a red gato powder mix”.  (Probably rumors spread that there is a runner who did spit […]