Race Reports

Laboring this Weekend around Laguna Lake

…..it will be fun! it’s gonna be a good run!…yeah, yeah, yeah right!….nah, just convincing myself. Months ago…the day after the BDM, I got a call from Jerry (one of my training buddies) asking me if I can be their female runner….Without any convincing, I said yes (Not sure if […]

Beating my Time

We registered late for the Mizuno Inifinity Run, by that time; only 5K race kits are available. Hmmm why not? A tempo run? Come race day, I have set my Garmin to run 5 k at an average pace of 5:45min/kilometer, just enough to finish below 30 and continue for […]

A Vivid Picture of My Run for Home

Wohoo! Just love photovendo shots, not my best angles though….but it vividly captures the struggles and pains…Too bad, I zoomed to the finish, I’ve got no finish line shot.  Lesson learned huh!  (oh, warning: this is a very narcisistic post, so pardon me…) Official time:2:13 (net 2:12) (garmin 2:11) I […]

Toughy and Enchanting Run for Home

Tere and I agreed to run together and maintain a pace of 6min/kilometer.  I wasn’t that confident for this run as until Sunday morning, my thigh is still sore.  And on Saturday night, it did hurt bad when I went down a steep incline at the Metrowalk parking (Well, at […]